I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at NIT Trichy.

My research interests lie in Machine Learning and Optimization.

I am also a Software Developer at Delta Force, the Official Web Team of our College.

Apart from my coursework, I have done a lot of projects related to Data Search & Analysis.
In fact, a product of mine, is being used by several hundreds of developers around the world.

Oh well, I do freelance from time to time.


I've been an active contributor to open source. I've also developed some cool apps.
I've programmed in


CLI-GITHUB - Source Code

View Github inside the Command line. Uses the Github API and has received over 150 stars on Github


Capture Web Page Screenshots. Inspired by Pageres

SYNC - Source Code

Synchronizes the contents of two directories based on the edit history of the files

PyPI-CHECK - Source Code

Checks the module name availability on PyPI by performing a search on the PyPI module index


Analyses the data from the GitHub profile and generates a portfolio of that user