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Hello! I'm Harshavardhan Srinivas and I am a 4th year undergrad majoring in Electrical Engineering at NIT Trichy, India. I'm a passion driven software engineer who enjoys working especially in the fields of Machine Learning and Information Retrieval.


This is my education and work experience timeline. All of my past work is explained here.

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Scikit Learn


Team Foundation Server

Digital Ocean

  CS Coursework

Data Structures & Algorithms
Computer Organization
Operating Systems
Pattern Recognition
Computer Networks
  • Scrapy - Web Scraping Framework

    Open Source Contributor

    • Contributor to the Official Scrapy repository (Python Software Foundation)
    • Retry Middleware: Implemented a new feature max_retry_times to set retries per each request.
    • Feature Improvisations: Improvised modules, fixed multiple bugs in the source code
  • National Instruments R&D

    Software Engineer Intern

    • Worked with the DevOps team of NI's LabVIEW
    • Used Microsoft's Team Foundation Server API to develop an ASP .NET based web application
    • Built an information retrieval system to visualize the builds data retrieved from NI’s distributed testing framework
  • Stanford HCI Laboratory

    Undergraduate Researcher

    • Partnered with Stanford Crowd Research team in the design and development of a next generation crowd sourcing platform.
    • Our abstract was accepted at ACM UIST’16
  • Delta Force - Student Org.

    Core Member

    • Premier programming club and the official web team of NIT Trichy
    • Was involved in management of the college website and the associated intranet sites & services offered by the institute
    • Conducted Python, Linux and Algorithmic workshops to students across multiple disciplines
    • Co-founded Python and Machine Learning special interest groups
  • NIT Trichy


    I currently attend NIT Trichy in India, majoring in Electrical Engineering.