I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at NIT Trichy.

My research interests lie in Machine Learning and Optimization.

I am also a Software Developer at Delta Force, the Official Web Team of our College.

Apart from my coursework, I have done a lot of projects related to Data Search & Analysis.
In fact, a product of mine, is being used by hundreds around the world.

Innovation Seeker. Programmer by passion.


I've been an active contributor to open source. I've also developed some cool apps.
I've programmed in


CLI-GITHUB - Source Code

View Github inside the Command line. Uses the Github API and has received over 150 stars on Github


Capture Web Page Screenshots. Inspired by Pageres

SYNC - Source Code

Synchronizes the contents of two directories based on the edit history of the files

PyPI-CHECK - Source Code

Checks the module name availability on PyPI by performing a search on the PyPI module index


Analyses the data from the GitHub profile and generates a portfolio of that user